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We’re Christopher and Laura and we’re the faces behind Chris and Laura Travels Adventure Blog based in Melbourne, Australia.

The intention behind our blog is so that you, the reader, can be instilled with the same kind of emotions and ever longing desire to travel to and explore every corner of the world. 

Our imagery and storytelling through both imagery and motion mediums are our true representation of life through our eyes and the passion and excitement that we feel whenever we travel to a new place or a familiar destination.

Our main goal is to encourage people to seek beauty and adventure in places they have never been before, while learning how to travel responsibly, protecting the environment and respecting different cultures.

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Our journey so far...

If you haven’t already guessed it, Christopher was born and bred in Melbourne Australia and Laura was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta Canada not far from the Rocky mountains.

Our journey started in 2012 when we were both travelling and met on an island in the South Pacific. It wasn’t until a few years later that we started dating and finally Laura moved across the world to live in Australia.

Christopher worked as a full time Paramedic doing shift work while Laura worked full time in the beauty industry, leaving little time to explore or even see each other! We decided that we wanted something different for ourselves and decided to save for a few years to eventually say goodbye to Australia..for a little while.

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Our year to escape

2019 was our year to escape it all and so we left everything behind for a year of non-stop backpacking the world. Our journey took us across the Americas, Europe & South East Asia for 12 months. At the time we started documenting our travels on youtube and when we returned, the Chris and Laura Travels Adventure Travel blog was born.

Together, we have hiked one of the tallest mountains in Peru, partied in Rio for carnival, sailed the Mexican coast, swam with Dolphins, lived in a treehouse in Ecuador, rode a motorcycle across the Hai Van pass, road tripped across New Zealand and camped in the Canadian Rockies.

Living the laptop lifestyle is our dream job, one that takes us far and wide, giving us the ability to earn an income from anywhere in the world.

Your next adventure

We work incredibly hard to bring you the best destination guides from around the world to help you get inspired to explore, plan your adventures abroad and think about responsible and ethical tourism in a different way.

We want people to have thrilling and beautiful experiences that keep them excited, curious and connected to nature and life itself.

We sincerely hope to discover your next adventure here and use our resources to plan your year away.

Chris and Laura

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We bring a professional and diligent approach to our work, collaborating with brands from around the world to create compelling content

Want to work with us?

We bring a professional and diligent approach to our work, collaborating with brands from around the world to create compelling content

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