We shouldn’t be giving this secret away, but as locals to the Mornington Peninsula we have a good feel for where the tourists always go..and where YOU should be going.

We’re basically giving away trade secrets here, letting you in on our top picks for the best beaches on the Mornington Peninsula you have to visit in 2020.

Peninsula beaches

The Peninsula is seriously massive, so we’d suggest planning your trip ahead and making sure you know of all the things to do on the Mornington Peninsula.

If you have never visited the Mornington Peninsula, then you really are in for a real treat; with nowhere else in Victoria quite like it.

The beaches range from beautiful white sandy shores, to hidden rock pools, pristine clear water making you feel like you’re holidaying somewhere in Europe!

The entire coastline is covered by the Mornington Peninsula shire, comprising 39 suburbs extending as far as Portsea all the way back to Mount Eliza.

New to Victoria? Then why not check out Our guide to the best things to do on the Mornington Peninsula to better plan your next trip!

Make sure you check out the schedule for the Peninsula’s cutest and charming markets, held on the first weekends of every month!

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Our hand-picked list of the best beaches on the Mornington Peninsula.

For the most up to date information on events, tourist activities and more you can check out the official page of the Mornington Peninsula shire council here.

Mount Martha Beach South

Lined with colourfully schemed beach boxes costing upwards of $100,000, Mount Martha beach south is in our opinion one of the best beaches on the Mornington Peninsula; and feels like it deserves a place on a postcard.

The beach sits opposite mount martha shops along the Esplanade so it is very well situated for your post-beach coffee and snack.

An absolutely beautiful stretch of Australian paradise, it extends from the Southern side to the Northern side where you will find wind surfers taking out their boards on a windy day.

Clear skies and no wind however make for a perfect day on the water, and is normally a fairly quiet beach due to its length and width meaning there’s a ton of room for people to enjoy whilst having their own space.

Mount Martha has long been a favourite for local holiday makers along the Mornington Peninsula due to its centrality to the coast, offering stunning views across Port Phillip Bay that look back towards The Bellarine Peninsula and Queenscliff.

How to get here:

Take the Esplanade into Mount Martha until you reach Kilburn Grove. There is a small car park that faces the beach on the Water side of Kilburn Grove.

Safety beach

Originally named Shark Bay, for the multiple sightings of Grey Nurse Sharks that would patrol the near area, Safety Beach stretches for about 1km along Marine Drive in Safety Beach.

best beaches on the mornington peninsula

The suburb is called Safety Beach, so the locals just refer to it as Safety Beach, instead of Safety Beach Beach!

It was renamed a long time ago to encourage Melburnians to visit one of the best beaches on the Mornington Peninsula, and the plan worked!

You won’t find sharks here anymore. Instead you will be greeted with some of the clearest ocean water found anywhere along the Peninsula coast.

And if the locals all flock further down towards Rye, expect a relaxing and quiet day down here. It really is a must-see when you drive down the Mornington Peninsula.

How to get here:

From Mount Martha continue along The Esplanade which turns into Marine Dr until you get to one of the many dirt car parks that face the ocean.

Alternatively you can take Peninsula link and take the B110/C788 Dromana Exit and turn right towards Safety Beach

Diamond Bay

Probably our favourite local spot that we’re sad to be giving away, Diamond Bay is the gem of the Peninsula. It has become more popular over recent years, and the smaller sized car park lends itself to only accommodating for but a few people over the day.

Tucked away off Melbourne Rd down Diamond Bay Rd you will be greeted with two small car parks that might fit less than 20 cars in total, so you’re mostly guaranteed to always find a spot.

If you’re in the area of Sorrento, why not head down to Rye Foreshore on the first weekend of the month and check out the best local markets on the Mornington Peninsula.

A rather tall staircase that leads to the shore gives you views across the entire bay, and provides a great spot for taking photos.

Lined with sandstone cliffs all around and a rocky protected reef, the view from the top of the staircase leading down is breathtaking, and when the sun hits the water just right you will feel as if you’ve found something truly special.

Diamond Bay is an Ocean beach, however because it is encased in reefs and rocks, the surf is mostly protected from crashing waves.

There are no public toilet facilities here so if you need to go, you are out of luck sorry!

How to get here:

Melbourne road towards Sorrento until you reach Diamond Bay Road on the left.

Sorrento front beach

Make your way towards the front end of Sorrento where the Queenscliff-Sorrento Ferry departs daily to make the journey across Port Phillip to The Bellarine Peninsula and you will find a small tucked away beach just west of the jetty to what is one of the best beaches on the Mornington Peninsula.

I have never seen this beach busy, except for the once a year swim competition that happens it is very quiet.


Want to take a trip across Port Phillip and begin your journey along the Great Ocean Road? You can book your experience with the Sorrento-Queenscliff ferry right here.

A small overflow car park sits right behind the small run of white, soft sand that looks out over Sorrento Pier, shouldered by the Ferry entrance on the other side.

Companies like Moonraker run daily dolphins swimming charters out from Sorrento Pier so why not make a day of it and book your wild Bottlenose Dolphin swim adventure with them.

The problem with Australia is you are spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches hence you will be hard pressed to find a beach you don’t like!

How to get here:

Take Point Nepean Road towards Sorrento until you get to the roundabout for the Ferry. Turn left at the roundabout and there is a car park on the left that faces Sorrento front beach,

Half Moon Bay Beach

Half Moon Bay in Mt.Eliza is one of those hidden gems that you’d miss if you blinked!

Drive through Mt.Eliza and you will come to a large car park for the Canadian bay yacht Club, follow the staircase to the left hand side and you are in Half Moon Bay.

A picturesque crescent shaped shoreline that resembles a half moon is a stunning shoreline and a perfect place for Stand Up Paddle boarding.

Laura and I often come here early mornings with the SUP’s, as it is also somewhat sheltered from the bigger waves to the sandstone cliff faces surrounding it.

It won’t make the list for the most popular beaches, but that’s exactly why it’s one of the best beaches on the Mornington Peninsula that you won’t have to share with thousands of people.

How to get here:

The end of Canadan Bay Road there is a car park that sits just outside the staircase leading down to the bay.

Davey’s Bay

Okay, now we are really giving away our best kept secret yet. We took Laura’s dad here when they visited from Canada and he could not believe how precious and protected this little sanctuary is.

Davey’s Bay is a Frankston secret, with the local public beach being full of people in the Summer, Daveys offers a reward for those happy to climb up and down the 4 to 5 rows of stairs it takes to get down too.

The water is a little rocky as you step out in certain spots, but the crystal clear water allows you to see straight through to the sandy bottom.

You can walk along the entire length from north to south, admiring the views people must have from their beach side properties mantled above.

The drive to get here takes you through some expensive property in Frankston South, so it’s no wonder they don’t want anyone else finding out about this.

On one end is a small, unused lifeguard tower that can be a nice place to view sunrise or sunset from if you’re keen.

If you’re lucky enough you might get the chance to see a sting-ray or two swim around looking for food through the tiny rock pools scattered across.

Quiet, pristine & secluded are what make Davey’s Bay a must-see and secures her place amongst the best beaches on the Mornington Peninsula.

How to get here:

Head towards Mornington from Frankston and take Yamala Dr off Nepean Highway which takes you down to Gull Way.

The end of Gull Way has parking all along the left hand side thats free all hours.

The Pillars

Whilst there may not be a physical sandy beach here, The Pillars has to get a mention in the best beaches on the Mornington Peninsula for sure!

Picture the Grotto of Italy, or the Algarve Coast of Portugal..only now you’re going to jump into those waters from the edge of cliff faces and rocky outcrops.

A very well hidden and hard to reach spot, access to The Pillars is off The Esplanade, the main road that goes through the Peninsula Coast, however there is no car park so you will have to make sure you park in designated car parking in the suburbs opposite.

Whilst many locals in the area have tried hard to have the PIllars banned, it seems an impossible task with so many people flocking here over the years becoming more and more popular.

Just make sure you leave no trace and take all your rubbish with you as the winds can pick up light objects and take them out to sea.

How to get here:

Tricky. But along the Esplanade in Mount Martha between Marguerita Avenue and Deakin Drive is the entrance to the Pillars on the Cliff side. Make sure you don’t annoy the locals and only park where you are meant to.

Sorrento Ocean Beach

I’ve often driven down here whilst at work and enjoyed a coffee admiring the view over Sorrento Back Beach.

It’s incredible to think how something so rugged and rough can also be strikingly stunning and visually captivating; a coffee helps too.

Sorrento Back Beach is surf-patrolled through the Summer months with the red and yellow flags up as rips and strong currents can pull you out to sea.

One of the best beaches on the Mornington peninsula also has a food stand and public toilet access which makes life that much more convenient!

At low-tide, the swell recedes and reveals a collection of rock pools called the Sorrento back Beach tides, home to a collection for marine algae, crabs and shellfish alike.

How to get here:

Take the end of Ocean beach Road from Sorrento main street until you arrive at the entrance to Mornington Peninsula National Park and Sorrento Ocean Beach.

If you’re on the Peninsula in the first week of the month, be sure to check out one of the many markets that are held right here on the Mornington Peninsula.


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