What photography gear do you use?

It’s a pretty big list of gear, but my main photography gear is the Fuji-film X-series line up. My main body is a Fuji XT2 with an 18-55mm f2.8, 10-24mm f4-5.6 a telephoto 55-230mm f4.5-5.6 and an array of other lenses, drones and video set up.

What camera would you recommend for novice photographers / videographers?

There are a multitude of camera companies out there that produce both consumer level cameras like point and shoots, through to the most expensive Full frame mirrorless cameras on the market. If your new to photography, I would suggest the Fuji-film x-series line up. It’s an interchangeable lens system, meaning you can physically remove the lens and swap it for another. What I love about the fuji system is the ability to have full control of your settings (ISO, aperture & shutter speed) all located on dials on the top of the camera. Something like the XT20 or XT30 are amazing cameras to start you off, plus they won’t hurt your hip pocket too much.

Who takes your photos?

We take all of our own photos, but mainly Chris for landscapes and portraits. If we’re taking a couple shot, well make use of our tripod and set up the time-lapse function to take multiple exposures and we choose which one we like the most.

Who designed your website?

We designed our own website through using the amazing community at squarespace.com! Going in complete rookies into website development, Squarespace and their easy to learn templates and seriously helpful online chat helpers make everything super easy!

What are your favourite outdoor clothing equipment when you travel?

For most things hiking, shoes and our backpacks that we get around in all over the world, we rely on a local favourite called Kathmandu. A New Zealand based company with lots of stores in Australia as well, they’re pretty much our go to for hiking and travel gear.

Who shoots and edits your videos?

We do ALL the shooting ourselves and ALL the video editing ourselves. We utilise the amazing Apple Final Cut Pro X for our videos.

Where do you get your music from?

Almost all of our videos we upload to youtube come from our subscription to Musicbed. They’ve been a very reliable source of music for many projects and offer basic and premium subscriptions depending on your needs.

How do you afford to travel so much?

So we went away last year to travel the world and returned to our jobs upon arrival, but we funded our own travels from working a butt load and saving almost everything we could. We are currently in the works to explore more once restrictions ease..Read our full blog post about it right here.


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