The Most Popular ways on how to get to Kangaroo island – 2021 Guide


With so many options on how to get to Kangaroo island, this was by far the easiest, most convenient and most popular way!

So you’ve spent some time on mainland South Australia and have decided you want to venture down south to visit the hidden paradise of Kangaroo Island but have no idea how to get there?

Well lucky for you this part of the world offers a couple of different options, all varying in price and duration.

Don’t worry you don’t have to swim all the way there!

Back in February of 2021 we ventured across most of mainland South Australia and capped off our road trip with an epic week on Kangaroo island. 

How to get to Kangaroo Island
The view from the back of the Catamaran looking back at Cape Jervis – SA

We personally used the SeaLink ferry as our preferred method of transport for a number of reasons including time, speed and convenience.

Not to mention it’s the only way to bring a car across without hiring one on the island. 

But there are other options on how to get to Kangaroo Island, you could fly across to the island and get the scenic views across the back passage strait if you prefer going by air. 

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How to get to Kangaroo island (updated 2021 Guide)

Kangaroo island Ferry Services


The most popular and preferred method of travel to Kangaroo island is by using the SeaLink Ferry.

SeaLink operates two luxurious 48 metre long ocean-going Catamarans capable of holding up to 378 passengers as well as up to 50 vehicles & coaches and is the number one best answer on how to get to Kangaroo island.

It is the main and only thoroughfare across the sea that delivers essential goods and services from mainland South Australia onto Kangaroo island for the K.I locals.

The view from the top deck on board SeaLink ferry

This is the main reason the Kangaroo island ferry is so popular amongst tourists is the feasibility and accessibility for vehicle transport onto and around the island.

If you don’t bring a car across to Kangaroo island there are plenty of opportunities for hiring a vehicle on Kangaroo Island too!

Both SealLink catamarans have the added bonus of coming with free wifi on deck, wheelchair access, food and beverage amenities on board with a cafe and licensed bar as well as a Dolphin viewing deck!


Kangaroo Island Ferry times – SeaLink

Figuring out how to get to Kangaroo Island is super simple and very convenient! 

SeaLink Ferry operates 5 times of the day between Cape jervis on mainland south australia and Penneshaw on Kangaroo Island.

These times are accurate up until the 20th July 2021 so be sure to stay up to date for future changes.

The ferry times on Kangaroo island increase in frequency up to 12 times a day between both vessels during the peak season offering more and more guests a full day schedule

If you’re looking for the most up to date schedule you can find it right here

If you have a vehicle then by sea is your only option, but if you don’t mind flying then there are other options for getting to Kangaroo Island.

The journey between Cape jervis and Pennehsaw will take you 45 minutes to cross the back-passage straight.

If you’re lucky enough you’ll be able to spot pods of Dolphins, whales, shoals of fish and more!

How to get to Kangaroo Island
Laura on board SeaLink

SeaLink Information – Kangaroo island Ferry Prices – 2021

Location: Flinders Drive, Cape Jervis SA 5204 (Mainland)

Schedule: 9am, 10, 4pm, 6pm, 7pm (from Cape Jervis)

Price: –  Adult $49 one way ($98 return), Children $25 one way, ($50 return), Infants FREE

– Vehicles $98 one way ($196 return) for cars up to 5mt in length 

Visit the SeaLink website for more information

Kangaroo Island Connect 

As of 2021, Kangaroo Island now runs a new passenger ferry service through a company called Kangaroo Island Connect.

If you were wondering how to get to Kangaroo island in a more intimate and cosier way then K.I Connect is your answer.

This much smaller and faster passenger ferry also runs between Cape Jervis and Penneshaw and costs guests as little as $25 one way.

This new modern service is obviously much smaller than its competition however is lighter, faster and cheaper than SeaLink so if you don’t have a car to bring across,this might be your new way of getting to Kangaroo island. 

These guys also have the option of bringing on board Kayaks and dogs in case you didn’t want to leave the pooch at home. 

They also offer a range of other services such as car rental both on Kangaroo island and in Cape jervis, rental van deals and minibus rentals. 

Kangaroo Island Connect Information – Kangaroo Island ferry prices- 2021

Location: 1 Bay terrace, Penneshaw SA 5222

Schedule: 9:10am daily to KI, 8:25am daily from KI

Price: – Adult $25 one way ($50 return), Children $18, Infants FREE

Travel time 30 minutes one way

For more information visit the Kangaroo Island Connect website 


Flying to Kangaroo Island

There’s more than one way to skin a cat and there’s certainly more than one way to get to Kangaroo Island.

Friends and family would always suggest to us different ways on how to get to Kangaroo island, and we never really considered flying; given the short distance covered. 

Flying to Kangaroo island has never been easier with Qantas Link offering flight services to and from the main airport terminals at Adelaide Airport and Kangaroo Island airport in Cygnet River.

Rex Air used to offer flights to and from Adelaide however decided to cancel their route mid last year.

Hence getting to Kangaroo island by air from June 2020 will only be offered through Qantas Link.

Qantas Link will offer 30 minute flight deals from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island one way or return depending on your departure dates.

Make sure to book well ahead of time to ensure they’re flying on your selected date.

Flight Information

  • Flight time 30 minutes from Adelaide to Cygnet river (KI)

Visit Australia’s favourite airline over at QantasLink for more information


Getting around on Kangaroo Island

So now you’ve made it to Kangaroo island, the first thing you’ll want to do is to rent a car.

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Kangaroo island Connect offers their guests daily car rentals for as little as $75/day.

Depending on how many days you plan on staying on Kangaroo island you will need to weigh up your options to see if it’s worth taking the Kangaroo Island ferry using SeaLink, or the Kangaroo Island Connect passenger ferry and hiring a car on the island.

If cars aren’t your thing and you want to save on accommodation, why not hire a Campervan?

Pre-book your Aussie campervan and get 30% off


For $150/day for a partially self-contained vehicle can be your home on wheels for your journey. 


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