Nothing else says relaxation on a holiday than by taking time out to unwind and de-stress then by visiting the Mornington Peninsula hot springs in Fingal.

If there’s one place we continue to return to for rejuvenation and an all round total body relaxation it’s by visiting the hot springs on the Mornignton peninsula. 

These natural mineral springs are only a 90 minute day trip from Melbourne city and an excellent way to either end or begin the rest of your journey along the Peninsula.

Being the first geo-thermal mineral springs to exist in Victoria, the hot springs are hugely popular amongst locals and widely available for all kinds of visitors – whether you’re a newbie hot springer or a seasonal spa goer, we guarantee a day here will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

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Where are the Mornington Peninsula hot springs?

A little over half way between the foreshore and the back beach between Rye and St.Andrews beach is a suburb called Fingal where the hot springs are located.

The idyllic backdrop of the Fingal farm lands gives visitors to the day spa the perfect setting when sitting in the spa’s highest mineral pool. 

If you’ve never been to the Mornington Peninsula before then we seriously recommend buying this full day tour of the Mornington Peninsula including Arthurs Seat gondola ride and the Hot Springs

How to get there

For those travelling from the city the easiest way of getting here is by taking the Peninsula Link (M11) all the way down the Peninsula and joining Point Nepean Road. Once you’ve entered into Rye, take a left onto Truemans rd until you reach the roundabout for Browns rd.

Turn right at browns road taking the 5th left at Springs lane and you will reach the Mornington peninsula hot springs.

There is plenty of on-site free car parking for guests and wheelchair access as well.

Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula
Enjoying a day at the Peninsula hot springs – image courtesy of Visit Victoria

The Mornington Peninsula hot springs

The hot springs mineral water rises from the earth, heated by the earth’s core and locked away for more than 10,000 years, the water here is collected from roughly 637 metres below the surface.

Each spa is drained and cleaned every night after use and refilled from the earth’s natural mineral springs ready for use the following day. 

Founded by two brothers after a trip to Japan, they became obsessed with the bathing culture that existed in the Asian countries and wondered if such a culture would take off in AUstralia, let alone be feasible.

To their delight they found potential in the Mornington Peninsula in 1979 and by 1997, Mornington Peninsula Hot springs had been created.

Take full advantage of this natural wonder of Melbourne and book your experience at the Hot springs ahead of time to get priority access to this incredible deal here.

The Spa Dreaming centre

For those 16 years and older looking for the best in spa treatments you can look further than the Spa dreaming centre.

A complete package where guests can choose from an array of options such as body relaxation massages, barrel baths, hot and cold plunge pool therapy and of course the most popular, a wide selection of hot thermal springs each ranging in various temperatures anywhere from 36 degrees celsius to 40 + degrees.

Peninsula Hot springs relaxation tent – image courtesy of Visit Victoria

Peninsula hot springs deals

The Mornington Peninsula hot springs offer about 8 different types of package deals for guests wanting to indulge a little further beyond the normal Turkish bathing options. 

I’ve taken Laura and family here on many occasions. These are really great gifts for friends and loved ones if you’re struggling with ideas on what to buy people sometimes.

Their most expensive package comes in at around $595 per person and includes an 180 minute botanical journey of facials, hair and scalp treatment, relaxation massage as well as your choice of breakfast, lunch or dinner.

You’ll also be able to indulge in the spa dreaming centre bathing and bath house geothermal bathing with included towels, robes and locker hire included. 

Accommodation near the Mornington peninsula hot springs

The perfect way to make a weekend getaway from melbourne is to stay on the Mornington peninsula and get out and explore the region whilst living locally. 

We highly recommend staying at these newly refurbished beach style accommodations close to the hot springs at the best discounted prices

There’s literally dozens of accommodation options to choose from in a variety of settings on the Mornington peninsula – your choice of B & B style accom, resort style villas in apartment blocks, secluded farm stays further down the coast or even glamping accommodation in Rosebud.

What does it cost to enter the Mornington Peninsula spa?

General entry into the Mineral spas for the public is $30 for adults and $20 for children up to 16years old without additional treatments, massages or access to the spa dreaming centre.

This gives you access to the wide range of spas and pools on offer – and the selection is fantastic!

If you decide to purchase the Spa dreaming centre package it will cost $110 for a more secluded and exclusive access to private pools.

The spa packages start at $200 and get as pricey as $595 per person.

There is one special offer for those who love to gaze at the  stars from their private spa – a moonlit bathing deal for $65.

Final thoughts on the Peninsula Hot springs

On your next adventure down the Mornington Peninsula, visiting the hot springs is the best way to end the weekend and relax your mind and body, or choose to start your weekend in a relaxing way and then get to all the nitty and gritty’s afterwards.

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