Your guide to the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs (updated 2023)


If you find yourself on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula then you need not look any further than by visiting the only natural geothermal day spa at the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs in Fingal.

Located just 90 minutes from Melbourne in a suburb called Fingal lies this naturally occurring geothermal spring some 600 metres below the surface and it’s the hottest ticket on the market for those seeking private bathing amongst the coastal oasis that is the Peninsula.

A personal favourite of ours that’s a 30 minute drive from the beginning of the Peninsula, this is the go-to spot to relax and unwind whilst being surrounded by pristine nature. 

Relax as mineral waters flow into the pools that provide for an idyllic setting; the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation weekend escape.

Being the first geothermal mineral springs to exist in Victoria, the Mornington Peninsula hot springs are hugely popular, family friendly and relatively inexpensive for what you get.

Mornington Peninsula hot springs
At sunrise the hot springs light up -image credit Visit Victoria

Where are the Mornington Peninsula hot springs?

A short 90 minute drive from Melbourne CBD down the end of the Peninsula, a little over half way between Rye foreshore and St.Andrews beach is a suburb called Fingal where the hot springs are located.

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How to get to the Mornington Peninsula Hot springs?

For those travelling from the city the easiest way of getting to the Peninsula hot springs is by taking the Peninsula Link (M11) all the way down the Peninsula and joining Point Nepean Road, right here on Google Maps.

If you’ve just finished your adventures on the Great Ocean road and are returning via the West gate Bridge, follow the Monash Freeway (M1) until you turn on Eastlink.

Alternatively you can combine multiple adventures and do a joint Peninsula and bathing boxes tour, or simply take a half day guided tour of the hot springs., 

What are the Mornington Peninsula hot springs

Founded by two brothers after a trip to Japan, they became obsessed with the bathing culture that existed in the Asian countries and wondered if such a culture would take off in Australia.

To their delight they found potential on the Mornington Peninsula in 1979 and by 1997, the Sorrento Hot springs had been created.

The natural thermal mineral waters of the hot springs rise deep from underground heated by the Earth’s core and locked away for more than 10,000 years.

The hot springs are set on 42 acres of land, and at the very top of the hot springs is the hilltop pool; the idyllic backdrop of the privately owned farms here gives visitors the perfect setting at sunrise, but be quick because it fills up quick.

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Are the Peninsula hot springs cleaned each day?

The spas in the bath house are drained and cleaned every night after use and refilled from the earth’s natural mineral springs ready for use the following day. 

The Peninsula hot springs do use a small amount of chlorine in their spas, as they are a commercial business and cater for many people this helps regulalte the water composition and keep the springs healthy for all guests.

How much does the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs cost?

The Peninsula Hot Springs have so many different types of experiences accommodating families, couples and young ones alike, all with very different price points.

Most who come to visit the Mornington Peninsula hot springs spend either an hour in the natural thermal mineral waters that rise from deep underground.

See an updated price list here 

Adults: $35

3-15 years: $25 

Seniors/concession: $30

This doesn’t give you access to the spa dreaming centre but you can still experience the general bath house that includes the cave pool and the most popular hilltop pool. 

Alternatively you could extend your stay for an entire day for $70 AUD so there’s no need to rush around the centre attempting to experience every pool in an hour.

If the idea of private baths sounds relaxing then the peninsula hot springs offer a private bath for two for 45 minutes for $180 AUD, and the best part is that you can still enjoy the rest of the day spa’s natural thermal mineral waters as much as you like.

There are at least 8 other packages to choose from that include:

  • Harmony package – $300
  • Dine and Bathe – $170
  • Unwind – $250 
  • Rejuvenate – $350 
  • Surrender – $390 
  • Weekday getaway for two -$215 or the
  • Wellness escape for two – $300

Most of these include access to over 50 geothermal pools, the reflexology walk and access to the wet and dry saunas. On site parking is also available free of charge.

My family sitting in woodden barrels filled with hot mineral water, relaxing.
Steve, Laur and myself enjoying the calming waters

Are the Peninsula hot springs real?

You bet! The Peninsula hot springs water rises deep from underground; 637 metres to be exact where the geothermal mineral springs water contains a healing property consisting of Boron, Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium.

It’s estimated that the waters where Victorians have come for decades to relax and enjoy the Mornington Peninsula have lied deep in Earth’s core for more than 10,000 years. 

Can I go glamping at the Peninsula hot springs?

A relatively new addition to the award winning natural hot springs is the option to go glamping.

If you’ve never heard of glamping, think camping with a bit of glamour! Instead of driving 90 minutes from Melbourne, make a day of it and soak in the geothermal hot springs and enjoy a rejuvenating session at the spa dreaming centre. 

Afterwards indulge in a chef cooked meal and make your way back to your comfy linen sheets and gaze under the stars. 

Choose from different glamping styles like the garden view, lake view or the secluded pavilion with your very own private deck, ensuites, king beds and access to yoga, fire and ice bathing sessions and more. 

The glamping option will set you back $670 AUD for the night, and when you’re done in the morning you can continue down the coast to Sorrento and take the ferry to explore the Great Ocean Road

How long should I spend at the Peninsula Hot springs?

We personally recommend spending at least a full day here at the bath house.

Once you get here you will soon realise how big this blissful sanctuary is and why it’s the best wellness destination located on the Mornington Peninsula. 

Another great alternative is spending the hour here for $35 AUD and experiencing the rest of the Peninsula. You could head to Sorrento, jump on a boat and swim with wild dolphins with Get Your Guide

What’s there to do at the Mornington Peninsula hot springs

Choose from a huge selection of hot and cold pools of varying temperatures that are displayed outside the pools, ranging from the mild 30 degrees celcius all the way through to 42 degrees, 

The Turkish Hammam and ice cave are two of our favourites where you can experience -25 degrees celsius before walking into the piping hot sauna room next door.

The cave pool is a new addition that sits right next to the cold plunge pool.  

The Mornington peninsula hot springs regularly host a variety of events throughout the year. Head on down every Sunday between 2pm to 5pm for live music and enjoy a bite to eat or a glass of red in a casual, relaxed environment. 

You could even join a yoga class in the newly renovated natural amphitheatre with a qualified instructor that comes complimentary with the bath house bathing option. 

Peninsula Hot springs
The perfect morning spent with friends - image credit Visit Victoria

The Spa Dreaming centre

The spa dreaming centre is our favourite part of the hot springs as they offer signature spa treatments for both couples and singles 16 years and older.

These thermal mineral pools have their own private bathing area away from the public so you can relax in total serenity and peace.

These tranquil spaces invite you to soak up the healing properties of the mineral rich water pumped deep from beneath the ground.

Choose from an array of options such as body relaxation massages, barrel baths, private baths and hot and cold plunge pool therapy, the spa dreaming centre is a fantastic choice!

Accommodation near the hot springs

The perfect weekend getaway from Melbourne is to stay on the Mornington peninsula and get out and explore the region whilst living locally. 

We highly recommend staying at these newly refurbished beach style accommodations close to the hot springs at the best discounted prices.

There’s literally dozens of accommodation options to choose from in a variety of settings on the peninsula – your choice of B & B style accommodations, resort style villas in apartment blocks, secluded farm stays further down the coast or even glamping accommodation in Rosebud.

Other things to do near the Mornington Peninsula hot springs

Fingal is basically surrounded by beauty on every corner you look, from Cape Schanck a little further down south to Point Nepean national park, there is so much to do this side of Melbourne.

If you prefer to drink your wine directly from the vineyard then head over to Green Olive at Red Hill and taste their delicious merlot with a cheese board and crackers.

For the mothers who have recently given birth, the Mornington Peninsula hot springs offer a hydrotherapy pool that can, in small doses assist with the Post partum healing process. 

Final thoughts on the Mornington Peninsula Hot springs

On your next adventure down the Mornington Peninsula, visiting this award winning day spa destination is the best way to end the weekend, whether you choose to start your weekend here or end it like this is up to you.

We’d love to know what you think about the springs, go for a visit by clicking on the tour links above and drop a comment below and share it with the community.  


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