Your guide to the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs (2022)


If you find yourself on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula then you need not look any further than by visiting the only natural geothermal day spa at the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs in Fingal.

Located just 90 minutes from Melbourne in a suburb called Fingal lies this naturally occurring geothermal spring some 600 metres below the surface and it’s the hottest ticket on the market for those seeking private bathing amongst the coastal oasis that is the Peninsula.

It is so far the only wellness destination located on the Mornington Peninsula that incorporates natural mineral water; but keep your eyes peeled for a new kid on the block that might challenge the likes of these hot springs!

Relax as mineral waters flow into the pools that provide for an idyllic setting; the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation weekend escape.

Being the first geothermal mineral springs to exist in Victoria, the hot springs are hugely popular, family friendly and relatively inexpensive for the treatment you can get. 

Mornington Peninsula hot springs


The Hot springs on the Peninsula – image credit Visit Victoria

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Where are the Peninsula hot springs?

A short 90 minute drive from Melbourne cbd down the end of the Peninsula, a little over half way between Rye foreshore and St.Andrews beach is a suburb called Fingal where the hot springs are located.

The hot springs are set on 42 acres of land, and at the very top of the hot springs is the hilltop pool; the idyllic backdrop of the privately owned farms here gives visitors the perfect setting at sunrise.

The hilltop pools are most certainly family friendly and open to visitors of all ages from 0530 am and are limited to 10-15 minutes per person.

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How to get to the Peninsula Hot springs?

For those travelling from the city the easiest way of getting here is by taking the Peninsula Link (M11) all the way down the Peninsula and joining Point Nepean Road.

Once you’ve entered into Rye, take a left onto Truemans rd until you reach the roundabout for Browns rd.

Turn right at browns road taking the 5th left at Springs lane and you will reach the peninsula hot springs.

There is plenty of on-site free car parking for guests and wheelchair access as well.



Laura, her father Steve and myself enjoying the hot barrels in the general bathing area

The Mornington Peninsula hot springs

The natural thermal mineral waters of the hot springs rises deep from underground heated by the Earth’s core and locked away for more than 10,000 years, the water here is collected from roughly 637 metres below the surface directly into your bath.

Each spa is drained and cleaned every night after use and refilled from the earth’s natural mineral springs ready for use the following day. 

There are over 70 globally inspired packages, making this premier wellness destination and award winning natural hot springs your top choice.



Most of the springs encircle a natural lake in the middle of the bath house – image credit Visit Victoria

As the business has grown over the years so too has the list of bath house options available; everything from private bathing, body treatments and even a reflexology walk.

Founded by two brothers after a trip to Japan, they became obsessed with the bathing culture that existed in the Asian countries and wondered if such a culture would take off in Australia.

To their delight they found potential in the Mornington Peninsula in 1979 and by 1997, the Sorrento Hot springs had been created.

What’s on offer when I get here?

The wellness centre and bath house has recently experienced and upgrade and has improved much on the previous layout.

Choose from a huge selection of hot and cold pools of varying temperatures that are displayed outside the pool.

The Turkish Hammam and ice cave are two of our favourites where you can experience -25 degrees celsius before walking into the piping hot sauna room next door.

The cave pool is a new addition that sits right next to the cold plunge pool not far from the main bath house.

Whilst you may not find too many peninsula hot springs deals, they do offer excellent events and programs on offer throughout the year, like the most recent event with Kate Ceberano.

The turkish hammam and ice cave are all included in your Mornington Peninsula and Hot Springs tour


The Spa Dreaming centre

The spa dreaming centre is our favourite part of the hot springs as they offer signature spa treatments for both couples and singles 16 years and older.

These thermal mineral pools have their own private bathing area away from the public so you can relax in total serenity and peace.

These tranquil spaces invite you to soak up the healing properties of the mineral rich water pumped deep from beneath the ground.

Choose from an array of options such as body relaxation massages, barrel baths, private baths and hot and cold plunge pool therapy.

The hot and cold plunge pools are all included in your Mornington Peninsula and Hot springs tour

The hot springs are located in the most idyllic setting for relaxation, with each thermal spring ranging in various temperatures anywhere from 36 degrees celsius to 40 + degrees.

The health benefits of the springs healing waters has been practiced by both asian and eastern european cultures for generations.

mornington peninsula hot springs


The cave pools illuminated at sunset – image credit Visit Victoria

Peninsula hot springs deals

The Mornington Peninsula hot springs offer 8 different types of package deals for guests wanting to indulge a little further beyond the normal bath house options. 

If you want to try something a little different than the general bath house, which is incredible by the way – the private baths and spa treatments are simply incredible.

Their most expensive package comes in at around $595 per person and includes an 180 minute botanical journey of facials using essential oils, hair and scalp treatment and a relaxation massage before you sit and decide what you’ll eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

If you’d like to find out more you can go to their website to see the full Peninsula Hot springs price list here

You’ll also be able to indulge in the spa dreaming centre bathing and geothermal bathing with included towels, robes and locker hire.



The Cave pools during the day

Accommodation near the hot springs

The perfect way to make a weekend getaway from melbourne is to stay on the Mornington peninsula and get out and explore the region whilst living locally. 

We highly recommend staying at these newly refurbished beach style accommodations close to the hot springs at the best discounted prices.

There’s literally dozens of accommodation options to choose from in a variety of settings on the peninsula – your choice of B & B style accom, resort style villas in apartment blocks, secluded farm stays further down the coast or even glamping accommodation in Rosebud.

05 1


Image credit Visit Victoria

How much is entry into the Peninsula Hot Springs spa?

General entry into the award winning natural hot springs bath house is $30 for adults and $20 for children up to 16 years old without additional treatments, massages or access to the spa dreaming centre.

This gives you access to the wide range of spas, pools and the bath house on offer – and the selection is fantastic!

If you decide to purchase the Spa dreaming centre package it will cost $110 for a more secluded and exclusive access to private pools.

The spa packages start at $200 and get as pricey as $595 per person.

There is one special offer for those who love to gaze at the stars from their private spa – a moonlit bathing deal for $65.

Peninsula hot springs opening hours

The Hot springs bath house opening hours run from 5am through to 11pm everyday and the Spa dreaming centre is available for guests 16 years and older from 8am till 11pm.



Australian Indigenous music – image credit Visit Victoria

Other things to do near The Peninsula hot springs

Fingal is basically surrounded by beauty on every corner you look, from Cape Schanck a little further down south to Point Nepean national park, there is so much to do this side of Melbourne.

If you prefer to drink your wine directly from the vineyard then head over to Green Olive at Red Hill and taste their delicious merlot with a cheese board and crackers.

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mornington peninsula hot springs


image credit Visit Victoria

Final thoughts on the Peninsula Hot springs

On your next adventure down the Mornington Peninsula, visiting this award winning day spa destination is the best way to end the weekend, whether you choose to start your weekend here or end it like this is up to you.

We’d love to know what you think about the springs, go for a visit by clicking on the tour links above and drop a comment below and share it with the community!

For more information head over to the Mornington Peninsula Hot springs website or give the Peninsula Hot springs phone number a ring to speak with one of their staff members. 

(03) 03 5950 8777 


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