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Far and wide across Melbourne, hundreds and thousands of people flock to the coastal towns during the warmer summer months to explore the eclectic and vibrant street markets on the Mornington peninsula.

On a hot and relaxing day the markets down south allow visitors and locals to buy and try beautifully designed pieces from local artists and producers & freshly grown fruit and veg markets.

Store fronts and online businesses who call the Mornington Peninsula home come here to showcase what the Peninsula has to offer; either via a street market or a farmers market.

Most weekends fo the year we are asking ourselves 

Of the 39 suburbs on the Mornington Peninsula, there are but a few unique and diverse street markets that we venture to year after year and we’ve gathered a list of our Top 5 markets on the Mornington Peninsula.

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Emu Plains market in Balnarring – Chris Aiello

Visit these top 5 of the Best Mornington Peninsula markets this weekend

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Theres something for everyone when you’re visiting the markets on the Mornington Peninsula- image credit Visit Victoria

1) The local favourite Emu Plains market/ Balnarring market

Born in 2012 by locals Joel and Vanessa Johnson, the Emu plains market otherwise known as the Balnarring market has become one of the Peninsula’s favourite local outdoor markets.

Laura and I just recently visited the EPM but a few weeks ago as it’s become a favourite of ours every year held in the suburb of Balnarring, home to the Bunurong/ Boonwurrung traditional custodians of the land.

Easy enough to drive a short 20-30 minute drive south of Frankston where a large grassed area turns into a car-park and public park becomes a conga line of 200 Artisan stalls.

Sustainability and environmentally friendly is how the Peninsula markets strive to achieve – image Christopher Aiello

Stall owners showcase delicious gourmet food, fresh fruit/vegetables and unique sustainably made pieces from the Mornington Peninsula, making it feel more like a farmers market than anything else

In our opinion, Emu plains market is our favourite of all the markets on the mornington peninsula, and any of these make for a great day trip to the Peninsula.

Grab a locally brewed beer from the stalls here as you wall around the park listening to live music played throughout, eating handmade vegan Turkish Delight or buying a pair of hand made locally sourced jewelry, this market is the perfect place to spend a couple of hours with your family!

Getting to the market and how much does it cost?

Location: 54 Coolart Rd, Balnarring VIC 3926

Price: $5 entry to park your car. Money goes towards future market events

Tip: Don’t park on the road outside the venue, parking here is illegal and you may get a hefty fine

Market Dates: there are 6 dates on the 2020/21 calendar

Jan 16th, Feb 20th, march 20th & April 17th left at the time of writing

Money: ATM’s are on site if you forget to bring some cash

Toilet facilities are also on site, suitable for disabled access as well.

No Pets are allowed unfortunately

You can check out their website for more information

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Forget the supermarket and get your groceries organic and by the locals – Image credit Visit Victoria

2) Drive a little further to Boneo Community Market

Having been involved in the community for over 40 years, the Boneo community market is a not for profit where proceeds go towards local community projects and initiatives like the tennis club, cricket club and

The Boneo community market is held on the third saturday of every month from 8am till 1230 pm with thousands of visitors every year participating in the motto of ‘make it, grow it, bake it’

To visit the Boneo community market or find out more information you can visit their website here.

A lot of these markets are seasonal so it’s always best practice to see which peninsula markets this weekend are operating or not.

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3) ‘Heart of the Community’ Rosebud primary school market

The second saturday of the month at the old carnival site on Point nepean road on the Rosebud foreshore is the Rosebud primary school market, affectionately known as the heart of the community farmers market.

Up to 130 stalls that sell handcrafted goods, fresh local produce and plants but no used goods can be found here.

Similar to the farmers market in Mornington, the Rosebud primary school community market sells everyday fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes, lemons and assorted other items like plants, craft items and even second hand and brand new clothing.

To learn more about the Rosebud primary school market visit their website here

Location: Old carnival site, Point nepean road, rosebud 3939 (next to memorial hall)

4) Our regular favourite Mornington main street market

For the 37th year in a row, Mornington main street transforms into a home-made, homegrown street market that runs up and down the beach side section of Main street, Mornington.

The main street market stallholders have been attending the market for over 15 years and know how to draw a crowd!

It is Victoria’s longest running street market & one of the more relaxed and chilled out markets on the Mornington peninsula.

Main street market has more of a farmers market vibe to it; with a lot more locally grown fresh produce available along the streets.

Your choice of blueberries, strawberries and hand picked vegetables are all on offer here! So much so this place feels like it should be called the Mornington Peninsula farmers Market.

Save your weekly shopping at the supermarket for the chance to come down here to the Mornington main street market and get your weeks worth of food and sweets.

I recommend parking at either the end of main street closer to the beach if there is parking available, or park behind the shops on either side of main street and walk across.

The main street market is still open to vehicle traffic passing through and businesses still run as normal so there is plenty on offer and lots of people around.

Further down the coastline is the beautiful italian coastal town of Sorrento that has this hidden beautiful beach!

Tips on how to get there and where to park?

Location: Main street, Mornington VIC 3931

Parking: Free at most shopping centre car parks

Price: Most vendors accept cash, however during COVID you will see more people preferring card.

Dates: Every Wednesday of the month from 9am to 3pm

Visit their website for more up to date information

5) World class wines and the Red Hill community market

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The Red Hill Market certainly gives life and meaning to the term Craft Market, and with good reason.

The Red Hill community market is one of the larger and more popular craft farmers market on the Mornington Peninsula.

Home to 300 stallholders, I recommend getting in early for this one as you will undoubtedly beat the crowds of locals and visitors frothing at the mouth to sample the locally made and produced baked goods & produce grown right here on the Mornington Peninsula.

Red Hill farmers market is the first of its kind and the flagship market that formed Craft Markets Australia.

With other sites around Victoria such as Gippsland and Yarra Glen, there truly is something for everyone here.

To check if the Red Hill market is on this weekend on the Mornington Peninsula then head over to the craft market website below to confirm their opening times.

If you’re anything like us and never leave a market empty handed, then make sure you bring your own tote bags and fill them up with everything from freshest produce, hand baked tarts, cakes and donuts to home grown beads and jewelry that supports local businesses and operators on the Mornington Peninsula as well as being great gift ideas.

Sustainability is high on the list for these guys, so why not indulge yourself at a market focussed on providing for a more sustainable circle of consumption.

How to get here and what it costs

Location: 184 Arthurs Seat Road, Red Hill VIC 3937

Price: $4 which goes to the Red Hills Lions Club

Parking: On site, both cars and coaches

Times: 8am to 1pm, extended to 2pm during Easter period

Dates: First Saturday of every month from September to May, Easter market extended to 2pm

Visit the Craft market Australia website for more information on all markets by CMA

6) Rye foreshore market

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Lining the foreshore opposite the Post Office in Rye is one of the smaller markets on the Mornington peninsula, the Rye Foreshore market; otherwise known as the Rye rotary market.

During the summer months the front beaches of Rye foreshore are jam packed full; it’s still however one of our favourite spots to visit when you drive down to the Mornington Peninsula.

It doubles as a fundraiser and open-air farmers market, known locally very well it is hosted by the Rotary club in Rosebud/Rye and also runs on the first Saturday of the month.

The rye rotary market aims for 70% of the stalls to sell homegrown or home baked goods; in support of their motto ‘make, bake and grow’.

With the beautiful backdrop of Rye beach east of the pier, best to find parking on either Point Nepean Rd or along Lyons st.

If you can’t find any there then best you head to the circular parking bay just behind the pier where you’ll find plenty of parking.

Tourists and locals enjoy the usual pleasures of a standard farmers market, like home-made jams, scones, sweets as well as your choice of indoor plants and assortments to check out.

The perfect little getaway for an hour or so as there are only 80-100 stalls, and a great market to segway into a stroll along Rye beach with the whole family.

How to get here and when it’s on

Location: Rye Foreshore, Nepean highway Rye VIC 3941

Dates: First Saturday of every month

Parking: on Point Nepean Rd, or Lyons st adjacent to the foreshore

Times: 8am till 1pm

Visit their website for more information

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Mumma made Figg & Marsala jam – image credit Visit Victoria

7) Mornington racecourse market

Last and definitely not least, the Mornington Racecourse market is tucked away on Racecourse rd just off tyabb rd.

What makes this market stand out from its predecessors is the twilight market.

Not dissimilar to the main street market of Mornington, this market is a little further down the road heading away from the beach at the horse racecourse.

Running on the second Sunday of every month all year round from 3pm till 8pm,  the coolest collection of street food vendors and hand-crafted sellers set up shop to bring you the very best Victorian grown food for you to enjoy!

Live music also runs throughout the markets, so have a sit down meal and enjoy your time relaxing on the lawn to great vibes!

The Mornington market and the market in Red Hill are run by the same organisation, Craft Markets Australia bringing you two of the very best markets on the Mornington Peninsula, conveniently in the same suburb of Mornington!

How to get there

Location: Mornington racecourse, 320 Racecourse Rd, Mornington VIC 3931

Visit their website for more information and COVID related info


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