From the day you’re born, life is an endless adventure. Its a perpetual and inevitable discovery of our own existence. Why are we here? What is the meaning of existence? Undoubtedly this will produce more questions than answers. As you get older you discover more and more. You find out that the world you live in is in fact unlimitlessly expansive. When you have the means and the opportunity, you set out to venture on your own journey of visual and sensual discovery.

As you continue your travels, you develop a sense of wander and awe. You also develop your own internal moral compass and your own set of guidelines for how you choose to wander. We call these, travel philosophies. And we’d like to share them with you. They’re not numbered or in any priority list, however there are some that you will find you apply more so than others. The amazing thing with travel philosophies is that once you adopt them and figure out yours, they stay with you. No matter how far and wide you travel, or when you come home. They are yours. And they good thing is that although they start as travel philosophies, they can be adapted to everyday life philosophies. The same principles apply.

Trust me when I say, a one-way plane ticket CAN change your life.

Be respectful , grateful and kind. Above all. There are others going about their daily lives.

Push yourself, everyday.

Try the local cuisine (if it’s vegan 😉 )

There is approximately 6,500 languages spoken on our Earth today. English is one of them. Make it a conscious habit, to learn at least Hello, please and thank-you in the language of the country you are in, and at least 2 phrases. This will go a long way to not only impressing those you are visiting, but it will make your life a hell of a lot easier.

People are trying to earn a living. You dont always have to barter with the locals. Chances are they are earning SUBSTANTIALLY a whole lot less than you and may never experience the joy of travelling to a new country. Dont always barter.

Take your days slowly, and soak up as much as you can. You dont have to cram your top 20 things to do in 3 days..You will taste everything, but remember nothing.

Be open. Some of the best friends we ever made on our travels happened in the most unexpected of ways, allow experiences to happen and they will.

How fortunate you are to be able to have a job that affords you to holiday when you can. Be grateful.

You will make mistakes. You will forget to book accomodation or not print your plane ticket. They can be costly. But they also make the best stories. Shake it off. You’re still alive.

Dont flood your phone with Instagram tags of places you HAVE TO VISIT! Some will be disappointing in real life, and let’s face it, editing these days is on point!

Travel is for you, and you alone. Dont try and impress others. Do it for yourself. At the end of the day thats all you got.

Explore. By foot. As much as you can.

Get out in nature. We are not city people personally and I find the most calm and enjoyable experiences are those that were created from the Earth, not by humans.

Obviously these are not hard and fast rules to live by when travelling, and you will figure out your own philosophies. But hopefully these give you some insight.