3 Most Beautiful Places in Colombia (2021 Guide)

beautiful places in Colombia

Walking through the worlds tallest palm trees, treating your tastebuds to Colombias finest coffee, to the top tourist destination for local Colombianos, this is your one-stop guide for the most beautiful places in Colombia. Since the late 70-80’s the Latin American country of Colombia attracted the world’s attention as a country steeped in internal Civil […]

The most EPIC trek to Salkantay Mountain: Hiking in Peru’s Andean landscapes

Hiking in Peru

Chris and Laura Travels -Explore the magical outdoors of Peru’s hidden Andean mountain-scape through a 4-5 day guided hike. Our latest Travel Blog in South America is a travel photographers dream. Perfect for adventure & landscape photography, this blog explains the ‘How To’s’ of hiking Salkanty mountain.

TOP 5 Destinations in South America

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SOUTH AMERICA truly is one of the most remarkable continents on the planet. Before starting our journey from South America to South East Asia, Laura and I wrote down a list of our ‘must-see’ places within South America. We had planned to be in the continent for 5 months roughly, entering through