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We’re photographers, videographers, website creators, business owners, lovers of the natural world, animals of all shapes and sizes and all things sustainable & eco-friendly.

Last year we took a trip around the World exploring over 14 countries across 4 continents. You can check out the rest of our story here on our About Us page. We started this Blog early this year since returning from overseas having had so much fun creating videos for our Youtube page and taking photos from our travels on our Instagram account.

‘A real couple doing cool sh%$ in a responsible way’

Whilst our interests vary far and wide we believe that travel shouldn’t come at the expense of the planet and its inhabitants; therefore we believe in travelling as sustainably, ethically and environmentally friendly as possible!

We want to reduce our footprint through our travels and our lives whilst still exploring the far reaches and depths of the natural world. We do this through choosing to support local businesses, staying at eco-friendly accommodations & support ethically minded endeavours.

Our goal is to inspire you, our readers to feel the same way we do about travel in the hope that you too can see the world and enjoy it as we do
Chris and laura in front of Torres Del Paine


What we love!

We only ever travel to places and corners of the globe that we have a burning passion to explore, hence the only things we ever mention or talk about on Chris and Laura Travels are adventures near and dear to our hearts. As our website is fresh, we are very much in the throws of creating and planning for our future content.

Aside from sharing our travel guides form wild and exotic places, we share a passion in Travel Sustainability, Photography/Videography, camera techniques as well as lifestyle advice and related eco-friendly products for your travels! What started Chris and Laura Travels was our enjoyment for the process of photography and videography, as you can find right here on our Youtube and Instagram.


Choosing a life of adventure and travel is very different from the life most people are accustomed to, especially when it involves weekly documentation of your travels. Our Youtube videos started as a way of documenting our travels as a future reminder as well as sharing our travels with family and friends.

The ability to take a photograph of a scene and convey a message to another’ is one thing, but having the ability to share ‘live’ with an audience member has a whole new meaning. We hit it pretty hard in our first year and although COVID has given us a creative break, we will be up and travelling as soon as our borders open up!


Our photos have been a way for us to share our daily experiences with our audience and family. Sometimes they are silly or cute images, other times they are thoughtfully planned out, and emotionally invested scenes of a place we fall in love with. Most of those were uploaded onto our Instagram, but other times we haven’t shared them at all!
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A year long journey on the road was very special and we encountered so many different challenges and adventures. We’ve collated some of our most memorable moments and listed them for you below
  • Living in a massive Tree-house in the Jungles of Ecuador
  • Trekking through the mountainous regions of Patagonia through Chile
  • Walking along the boardwalk of one of the worlds only growing Glaciers
  • Dune-buggying through the sandy deserts of Peru


Our decision to exchange our lives at the time was heavily influenced by the natural beauty in the world and the freedom to explore.

It takes a lot of courage to get out there and see the world with your own eyes, and we couldn’t be happier that we made that decision. Every day we are chasing our aspirations and our aim is to get you to do the same as us! We promise, you will not regret it!
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If this life sounds like something you’ve been craving for a long time we understand & we want to help you achieve the same kind of freedom!

The best way to keep up with where we are is through our social media channels
Want to work with us? You can find out more over on our ‘Work With Us’ page.

May you be inspired to start your own adventures around the world, hopefully we see you on the road!

Love from

Christopher & Laura