27 Epic Things to do in Queenstown, New Zealand


If bungy jumping over a river, skydiving over a snowy mountain range to visiting the 8th wonder of the world sound like your idea of a perfect holiday, then this epic guide to 22 of the best things to do in Queenstown, New Zealand is just for you!

We’ve traveled all over the world corner to corner but nothing prepared us for the insane natural beauty of the snow-capped mountain ranges of Queenstown or the jaw dropping natural landscape of Milford Sound in Fiordland’s national park.

If you’re the kind of person that loves seeking adventure in one of the most beautiful places on in the Southern Hemisphere then visiting Queenstown on the Souht Island of New Zealand is just for you. 

We spent a total of two weeks exploring the very best places to see in Queenstown in the south-west corner of South Island.

We’ve managed to cram it all into this epic list of incredible Queenstown attractions.

Queenstown is known as the adventure capital of the world where you can jump out of airplanes and helicopters, bungy jump over a river gorge from 300 ft high, and even walk across glaciers.

Serving as the tourist capital of the country Queenstown is perfectly situated in the middle of many epic locations like Aoraki/Mount Cook, Fordland national park as well as Tekapo and Glenorchy.

Despite being in Queenstown during the heaviest snow storm of the past decade and having much of our plans disrupted (like hiking Aoraki) there’s always plenty of places to visit in Queenstown.

I had travelled to New Zealand once before many years ago with a friend and absolutely loved it, and upon returning to Aotearoa had remembered why I loved it so much the first time.

We were pumped to get out and discover the latest Queenstown activities that had popped up over the last 10 years of being away.

Head over to the GetYourGuide activity page to find the one right for you.

Our list of the Best things to do in Queenstown

The first nations people of the land are called Maori people, and have inhabited the land long before European settlement. The Maori word for New Zealand is Aotearoa (aw-teh-ah-roa).

Casting a beautiful shadow in the background of Lake wakatipu is the Remarkables mountain range forming the final section of the Southern alps of New zealand.

It can be really overwhelming when deciding on what to do in Queenstown, especially depending on how much time you have to spend here.

There are literally dozens of hut hikes in the surrounding mountains, scenic cruise day trips along Lake wakatipu, road trips along the main highways that take you to incredible lakes, mountains and hidden towns.

We found it harder to wake up early in the mornings as it was really cold in our van each morning, but our best advice is to wake up earlier than you normally would, as the winter daylight hours only last from app 8am through to 5pm and then its dark.

That being said we did our best to fit the most we possibly could into two weeks (weather permitting) without burning ourselves out.

Views from the top of Bobs Peak using the Skyline Gondola

1) Don’t miss the Skyline gondola lookout

The best place to start your two weeks on the south island is to explore the city from high above the streets.

A gondola ride from the bottom of the Brecon street is where you can take the scenic gondola ride up to the top of the Ben Lomond scenic reserve.

It’s always easier to book your gondola ahead of time and not miss out.

Here you’ll have incredible views over Queenstown and the Remarkables, as well as being able to start the Ben Lomond hike and look out over Bob’s peak.

If you prefer to hike up the hill and take the gondola back down, the Tiki Trail is a popular hike in Queenstown that can be done in just over an hour through mostly wooded forest.

While at the top her admiring the views, why not head to the Luge, a purpose built track where you can ride the course over the edge of the mountain in luge carts.

The views over Lake Wakatipu and the Remarkables are absolute insanity during daylight hours.

Once you’re done here why not head into Stratosphere restaurant and bar for some wedges and a beer.

Visit their website for more information on pricing and availability

Getting enagaged at the Milford Sound foreshore walk

2) Hike the Ben Lomond track

One of the best hikes in all of Queenstown, the Ben Lomond is a 40 km return hike that takes 6-8 hours to complete.

The trailhead is located at the top of the gondola of Queenstown hill and traverses across both Alpine and forest landscapes to a maximum altitude of 1748m high, one of the more challenging hiking trails from Queenstown.

Of all the things to do in Queenstown we so desperately wanted to attempt this hike but the weather had other plans.

Note to reader, a lot of the hikes become dangerous and unsafe after a heavy dump of snow as it increases the avalanche hazard.

Without proper alpine hiking experience and avalanche training we do not recommend attempting any hiking trails without proper gear, guide or expertise.

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Once you commence the hike and hit the ridgeline continue onwards towards the saddle at 1326 above sea level.

The moonlight track is a good rest spot if you need before continuing onwards towards the summit.

Hiking in New Zealand is a whole new ball game and different from many places around the world due to the snow capped peaks and alpine environment.

We recommend bringing 2 litres of water per person, snacks, a great pair of hiking boots and beginning early in the morning at first light to get back safely before sunset.

The Department of conservation manages most of the hikes in the area and they’re a really good source of information.

3) Queenstown Hill hike

A popular walk amongst the locals and beginning at a small car park off of Belfast terrace, the Queenstown hill time walk is a short 500m hike that ascends to the top of Te Tapu-nui.

One of the best hikes in queenstown new zealand is completely free and managed by Queenstown Lakes district council.

For the cooler days we recommend bringing warm clothing with you as it may get a little windy at the top.

You can visit the Queenstown visitor information centre to help plan your hikes.

mt crighton
Last bit of snow on the challenging Crighton loop track

4) Try the Mount Crighton loop track

The thing to know with Queenstown weather, particularly in winter is that when there is heavy snowfall, unless you have alpine hiking experience it becomes mildly unsafe to hike.

Mount Crighton was on such hike that was not closed after a heavy dump of snow in Queenstown.

If you’re looking for cheap things to do in queenstown then hiking trails are your new best friend.

Laura and I gave this hike a good crack in the middle of the day, starting at the Mount Crighton loop track car park 13 minutes from town.

From here just follow the signs on the same side as the car park (and not across the road yet), and it will lead you through the forest track and eventually crossing the road and beginning your ascent up the mountain.

The summit had received a lot of snow and naturally we were walking through it but it made the hike all the more worthwhile.

In total it only took us a few hours to complete (2.5-3 hours) and that’s stopping for photos and taking in the sights and sounds of the mountains.

image credit Tourism NZ

5) Jump off a bridge with AJ Hackett bungy jumping tours

If you plan on visiting Queenstown then you probably already know that it’s New Zealand’s adventure capital – and that of the southern hemisphere.

What could possibly be more adrenaline fuelling than strapping an elastic cord to your ankles and intentionally jumping off a ledge suspended over a river below?

Not a lot.

Which is why the legends at AJ Hackett bungy jumping have created multiple options for you to vomit, i mean enjoy.

There’s the tallest bungy at 147 metres high called the Nevis Bungy jumping, or the 47 metre tall ‘Ledge” jump where you can run, spin, flip or dive off.

If you’re feeling up for it you can try the Nevis swing or the catapult.

We’ll let your imagination do the rest.

The original from AJ Hackett bungy is at the Kawarau river bungy where it all started only 20 minutes outside of town.

Website: Nevisbungy.com– they have package deals to combine jumps

Prices: Nevis bungy will cost $247NZD, unfortunately the ledge is currently closed as of June 2022.

Jet boat in Wanaka
image credit Tourism NZ

6) Experience the Shotover river jet boat ride

Still one of the best things to do in Queenstown and running for the past 57 years this jet boating experience through the Shotover river is one of the most popular attractions in Queenstown.

World famous and the only jet boating operators licensed to cruise through the shotover river, Shotover Jet boat tours offer guests an insane and unforgettable experience.

Owned by Ngai tahu of the Maori people of New zealand, the jet boats have been specifically designed for the shotover canyon, with twin V8 engines powering you through 25 minutes of pristine natural landscape.

Shotover river extends all the way from the Mount Aspiring national park glacier system all the way through to the South Pacific Ocean in the east.

One of the best adventure tours outside of Queenstown, you will have a ball jet boating with these legends.

These guys have an exceptional safety rating and customer satisfaction rating of the highest standard – in our opinion making them one of the most popular things to do in queenstown.

There are other companies that operate within the Shotover river system such as Skippers canyon jet boat operators.

Price: $116/adults, $62/child

 7) Go Canyoning only a short drive from Queenstown gardens

If you’ve never experienced Queenstown’s most highly rated adventure activity like Canyoning then you are missing out on the experience of a lifetime.

Canyoning is basically navigating your way through a series of canyons with high flowing water streams like waterfalls, using a combination of ropes, abseiling, high waterfall jumps and rappelling with a harnesses.

All tour operators hire out their gear in the cost of the day trip, including wetsuits, helmets, safety gear like a harness and gloves, boots and potential snorkel gear.

Make sure you include this awesome Queenstown attraction in your New Zealand itinerary and sign up for a full-day canyoning experience

Companies like Canyon Explorers are highly rated and give you the option of half day canyoning in Queenstown, or a full day experience in the Routeburn canyon.

Price: $211/adult with free cancellation

What to do in Wanaka

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8) Go skydiving in Queenstown, New Zealand

It’s one thing to admire New Zealand from the ground, it’s a whole new perspective to see it form the air.

We did warn you there’s a reason Queenstown, new Zealand is the adventure capital of the southern hemisphere,

One of the best things to do in Queenstown is to jump out of an airplane from the legends at Nzone, one of the leading tourism operators for 30 years.

Check in is at the head office in central Queenstown where you will be driven to the private airfield amidst farmland.

You have the choice of jumping from 9000, 12,000 or 15,000 ft with a professional, qualified tandem buddy.

Although the 15,000 ft has the longest free fall time it’s also the most expensive but well worth the views from the top.

Ever wondered what it’s like to jump out of an plane from high above Mount Cook/Aoraki?

Click below to find out how..

9) Indoor skydive at iFLY Queenstown, New Zealand

If you don’t feel much like jumping out of an Aeroplane (we can’t blame you) then we recommend visiting the team at iFLY Queenstown indoor skydive as one of the best Queenstown attractions.

Here you will get to experience the sensation of flying in a controlled wind tunnel for over an hour under the guidance of trained staff.

It’s a must do in Queenstown – In fact it’s the only place in New Zealand where you can indoor skydive.

The building for iFLY is right next door to two different ice bars in central Queenstown, Queenstown ice bar and Below Zero ice bar.

If you feel like hopping between both then this ice-bar hopping tour is perfect for you.

image credit Tourism NZ

10) Cruise Lake Wakatipu on the TSS Earnslaw

From St omer park you’re in the perfect place to take a scenic boat tour from Queenstown wharf.

There’s tons of options to choose from depending on what style of tour you prefer or where you want to go.

Hop on board the TSS Earnslaw, an historic steam ship that will visit the Walter peak high country farm from $63 nzd per person with our friends at Klook.

The other awesome option is to book a tour with southern discoveries and hop on board the million dollar lake cruise for queenstown’s ultimate cruise of lake wakatipu.

They even have the option for a fully catered BBQ buffet and farm demonstration that comes highly rated.

For the longest cruise of Lake Wakatipu anywhere in Queenstown is the Queenstown scenic cruise that goes most of the way to Glenorchy and back; a fantastic option if you prefer to take in the sights and one of the best things to do in Queenstown.

Sunset from the base of Lake Wakatipu

11) Have a BBQ in St. Omer park on Lake Wakatipu

The views of the snow capped peaks and mountain range lends itself to just taking a stroll through queenstown center, and on a beautiful clear day you should take a stroll down St. Omer park, that runs along the foreshore of Lake Wakatipu on the road towards Glenorchy.

BBQ facilities, family friendly playgrounds and epic views of Lake Wakatipu and The Remarkables are on display here.

If you’re driving a van like we were, parking in central Queenstown can be very difficult but there’s plenty of car parks along Glenorchy-Queenstown road (Open in Google maps here)

After exploring above water, try this unique experience called Time Tripper Queenstown where you head on a 14 minute underwater experience that showcases the love story and Maori legend of Lake Wakatipu, the dinosaur period of New Zealand through to the present day.

12) Frisbee golf in Queenstown gardens

Take the 1.5 hour return loop of queenstown gardens walking trail before venturing out to lake wakatipu.

A fantastic opportunity to do some sightseeing in Queenstown, this awesome garden is best explored in the autumn between March and June when the colours are popping orange, red and yellow and the weather isn’t too hot or extremely cold.

Queenstown can be an expensive town to blow your travel budget, so if you’re keen to see your money last you longer and want to know the cheap things to do in queenstown then a round of frisbee golf is on the cards.

A full 18 basket course where you throw a frisbee off a tee, much like golf and try to land it in chained baskets in the least amount of throws possible.

The course at Queenstown gardens itself is free but gear hire will cost $5 a day from Small planet disc golf course.

The perfect family friendly activity for a group of friends that’s ideally located less than 5 minutes from central Queenstown.

See there website at smallplanetdiscsports.nz

things to do in Fiordland national park
Stirling Falls from our amazing Milford Sound cruise

13) Hop on board a Milford Sound Cruise

Hidden in the deep south-west at the end of the Southern Alps lies the incredible Fiordland national park.

This region of New zealand receives 2800 mm of rain annually making it one of the wettest places on earth.

Getting here means you will have to drive south out of Queenstown towards the town centre of Te Anau and continue north along the Te Anau Milford highway towards Milford Sound.

Breathtaking fiords, thousands of waterfalls and local Kea birds, (native alpine parrots) Fiordland national park really is one of the best attractions outside of Queenstown.

With a few tour operators to choose from offering similar activities, the perfect afternoon here is spent on a cruise ship travelling through the fiords, admiring the waterfalls and majestic mountains.

There’s a couple of different options to choose from, if you prefer to drive yourself then we’d suggest to hire a van or car from Queenstown, which will take 3 hours one way.

Similarly this tour here from GetYourGuide departs from Te Anau and has excellent ratings if you prefer to catch a coach to Milford Sound.

image credit Tourism NZ

14) Take a scenic helicopter flight over Milford Sound

If you prefer to be in the air then a chartered flight is perhaps the most unforgettable experience in Queenstown, New Zealand.

We’re maybe a little biased as we got engaged here on our recent trip but Fiordland national park is the most incredible place on earth.

Take a helicopter flight from Queenstown to Milford, or make the drive yourself to Milford and hop on a scenic helicopter or aeroplane flight from within the national park.

Most of the tours will take roughly 40 minutes of flight time and set you back about $500 nzd.

A road trip to Glenorchy will surely not disappoint with these views

15) Do a road trip to visit Glenorchy

It’s not in Queenstown specifically but this short 40 minute drive along Lake Wakatipu is one of the most scenic drives from Queenstown.

This small, charming town is known for the incredible mountains that surround it.

Jump on a tour from Queenstown or drive it yourself in a day trip from town.

A visit to Glenorchy should be done over a few hours and include seeing the historic red shed, Mrs Wooleys store and cafe, the Glenorchy lagoon and our personal favourite walking trails that visit the Glenorchy Wharf with stunning views over Mount Bonpland.

If you would rather take in the sights than drive yourself you can book a guided tour to Glenorchy with GetYourGuide.


16) Spend a day exploring the Remarkables

The most breathtaking view from the heart of Queenstown are the aptly named The Remarkables.

This astonishing mountain range to the east of Queenstown is a short 30 minute drive up a winding road that leads to the Remarkable ski resort, a myriad of downhill mountain biking trails and a few glacial lakes.

As if the drive along Lake Wakatipu isn’t spectacular enough, at the top you can see Lake Alta along an unsealed track of the same name, and one of a few Ice bars in the region.

The track is a 90 minute return track that begins at the Remarkable ski resort, one of the best hikes in New Zealand.

In the winter months when you visit Queenstown, whether you hire a rental car or have your own van, make sure you pack snow chains in your van or car.

They can save you and your car in black ice situations.

If you only have time for day trips from Queenstown then this is a perfect alternative to some of the longer day hikes like Queenstown hill, Tiki Trail or Moke lake loop track.

17) Hit the slopes to board or ski

When winter rolls around the corner the hills come alive with fresh powder ready to be skied or boarded.

There are three main ski fields all within an hours drive from the centre of town.

The Remarkables are an epic place to visit in Queenstown both in the winter and the warmer months, with chair lift access for both beginners and professional snow bunnies.

Coronet peak and Cardrona are both amazing alternatives to the snow capped mountains of Remarkables and only a 10-40 minute drive away.

Coronet peak is only 20 minutes from Queenstown and lights up their ski runs for night time skiing and snowboarding on Wednesdays, Friday and saturday nights from 4pm-9pm.

As Queenstown’s first commercial ski area since 1947, Coronet Peak is well established as a fantastic place to learn the ropes of snow sports.

If you’re staying in Queenstown New Zealand and want to spend a day on the mountains we recommend taking the Coronet Peak shuttle service that departs from the station building on Duke st.

A free shuttle service used to run but can now be purchased for as little as $20/day and booking is required.

Alternatively if you want to travel to the Remarkables, the green line from the same location will take you to the Remarkables.

You can combine your ski pass and transport package and purchase ahead of time to avoid missing out.

Visit the ski fields website here to find the shuttle service map

Queenstown to Coronet Peak: 20 minutes

Queenstown to Cardrona: 48 minutes

Queenstown bars
image credit Tourism NZ

18) Enjoy the nightlife vibes in the centre of town

This thriving and lively backpackers destination is teeming with buzzing nightlife, bars and restaurants till the wee hours of the morning.

During the day there are a handful of awesome little cafes to sit and enjoy a coffee and breakfast at, our personal favorite is Yonder.

Not too far from Queenstown gardens Yonder run weekly live music gigs that run till late, as well as doing happy hour deals nightly – they;ve twice been voted the best happy hour in queenstown and made the list of the best bars in queenstown, New Zealand.

Altitude Brewing should also be on your list located in front of Frankston marina- the most unique winter inspired brewing house you’ve ever visited.

image credit Tourism NZ

19) Visit Arrowtown

When we first visited Arrowtown during the autumn the colours were in full blossom and the scenery looked absolutely stunning.

However the snow had fallen this time around and one of the most fun free activities to do in Queenstown is to visit this stunning town and explore the area.

If you’ve every researched the best things to do around Queenstown you have surely come across this former gold rush town.

Arrowtown sits just outside of Queenstown no more than 20 minutes north of the bustling tourist town, this former gold rush village along the Arrow River has so many incredible attractions to visit, like the Patagonia chocolate store, Remarkable sweet shop and town center.

There’s also plenty of great hiking trails here, like the Arrow river trail, or for a more challenging and picturesque hike take the Sawpit gully trail that takes 2-4 hour return.

We started this hike around midday and returned just before 3pm.

Feeling adventurous? Hire a mountain bike and tackle one of the many bike trails in the area like the Bush Creek XC loop or do a self-guided bike tour of Arrowtown and the Gibbston Valley.

Onsen hot pools book out very quickly!

20) Get pampered and soak in the best hot tubs in Arthurs Point

Feeling a bit spent from all he adventure and wondering what to do in queenstown to relax and unwind?

We have the perfect thing to do in queenstown that won’t involve jumping out of a plane or plunging into freezing cold water.

Onsen hot pools in Arthurs Point are one of our favourite things to do in queenstown on a chilly, snowy day in the hills, and if you purchase your Onsen hot pool experience through through Klook you’ll receive the best price on the internet – and if you find a cheaper price they will match it!

Spend an hour in their famously beautiful temperature controlled hot pool with the most amazing views over Shotover River in Arthurs Point just north of Queenstown.

It’s the perfect queenstown winter activity on a snowy day mid June, where you enjoy a beer or glass of champagne for an hour before you shower off in their private shower rooms.

Sometimes the weather means you don't get to see a whole lot of mountains

21) Queenstown activities – Drive to Aoraki/Mount Cook

Get out of Queenstown for a few days and make the 2.5-3 hour drive through Lindis Pass to Aoraki village at the base of Aoraki (mount cook)

Plan ahead of time and explore some of the best hikes in New zealand like the Mueller hut hike, the famous Hooker Valley track, Sealy tarns and so much more.

We got snowed out from doing any hikes at the village here, so if this happens to you then you can always head to the Hermitage hotel and grab yourself a warm hot chocolate (oat milk of course) and explore the Sir Edmund Hillary museum.

The Aoraki village visitor information centre is a fantastic resource to help plan your Aoraki hikes, as well as a kick-ass museum on the bottom floor that details the history of the native and introduced wildlife, the alpine hiking history and traditional costumes and hut houses.

Hobbiton movie set
image credit Tourism NZ

22) Join a Lord of the Rings movie location tour

If you didn’t know that Lord of the Rings was filmed in New Zealand then you have been hiding under a rock.

The Lord of the Rings films helped New Zealand’s tourism image and showcased many of the stunning natural landscapes that both north and south island has to offer the world.

Join one of the best activities in Queenstown and see what the fuss is all about on a lord of the rings location tour through the southern alps.

We would have loved to try any one of these incredible tours on the North Island where the movie sets are permanently located, so if you have time you have time you should definitely check out the tours below.

23) Get dirty and go Mountain biking

The summer months become a haven for mountain biking fanatics from all over the world and they all flock to the tracks of Bob’s peak.

World class bike trails are easily accessible by taking the gondola up Bob’s peak as much as you like to for some of New Zealand’s best mountain bike trails.

Things to do in Queenstown
image credit Tourism NZ

24) Queenstown e-bike winery tour

If you prefer less difficult terrain to navigate there are plenty other road or flat bike paths to choose like the Arrowtown to Queenstown, beach to bay or by joining a guided Queenstown wineries e- bike tour

Fiordland national park
Rare alpine parrots, cheeky yet charming

25) Get the chance to see New Zealand’s national icon

Aotearoa (New Zealand) used to be a haven for native parrots and birdlife many years ago before the introduction of non-native species like foxes, other birds of prey and stouts.

Luckily the crew at the Kiwi birdlife park are working hard to promote native birdlife conservation at their 5 acre bird oasis.

One of the best things to do in Queenstown is to visit many of the protected and adorable bird species like the famous alpine parrot the ‘Kea’, the ‘Kiwi’ and more than 100 other native birds that now call the Kiwi birdlife park home.

Learn about the conservation efforts of the park, meet many of New Zealand’s endangered wildlife and rescued birds from around the country.

You can find the kiwi birdlife park at the bottom of Brecon st behind the Skyline and g-force paragliding buildings.

Visit their website to learn more about their beautiful native birds

 26) Hike up to Lake Hayes

New Zealand provides nothing short of spectacular hikes and lakes, and Lake Hayes is certainly no exception.

Lake Hayes is a beautiful glacier lake in the Wakatipu basin only 15 minutes from Queenstown that lies east of Queenstown airport and shotover river.

Hikers, bikers and kayakers come here to participate in family fun activities year round, and because the water is relatively shallow close to shore it’s become one of the best free things to do in Queenstown.

There are plenty of tables and chairs to have a picnic at with the family, open a bottle of wine, or a 10 minute drive from the Gibbston valley wine region where you can sit and relax the whole day.

image credit Tourism NZ

27) Admire the views from Moke lake

One of the lesser known Queenstown attractions and 21 minutes (13.7 km) from central Queenstown is Moke lake.

We attempted this drive in our 7 metre long van but got discouraged by the unsealed road that lay ahead, but rest assured this is a very do-able route in most types of vehicles that have 4WD capability. 

The easiest way to reach this road is to take Queenstown-Glenorchy road west until you reach seven mile point track and turn right.

From there continue north up moke lake road for 3 minutes until you get to a steel livestock crossing on the corner of that road and a left turn off to an unsealed, unnamed road.

It becomes a little tricky from here as its quite steep initially, and the road ahead is uncertain. 

One thing we will say is to not attempt this road if it has been raining, or without 4WD capability in case you get stuck. 

The road will take 20 minutes to get to the lake with an awesome campground that will cost $13NZD/night.

It’s a fantastic road trip from queenstown where you can rent or hire paddle boards or kayaks and swim in the chilly waters.

Queenstown Travel guide

Now that you have become familiar with the best things to do in Queenstown, we’re going to help you plan on where to stay.

Before you read on, decide on how you want to travel the country.

If you decide to hire a van like we did from the guys over at Maui campervans then you wont need to book accomodation, however if you’re staying in actual hotels, or lodges then this is the perfect mini guide for you.

Where to stay in Queenstown

Queenstown is a mecca for tourists and backpackers alike.

Family friendly accommodation and more luxurious styles of accommodation exist but Queenstown unfortunately isn’t the place to find ‘cheap hotels’ simply because it’s very high in demand.

Best luxury accomodation – The rees hotel

Without a doubt the most luxurious and ideally located accomodation in town is at The Rees Hotel, and the Rees lakeside residence directly opposite.

With insane views of Lake Wakatipu and the remarkables on your doorstep you’ll feel in mountain heaven every step of the way.

This award winning hotel is most notably known for their decadent and attention to detail style of hotel booking, that involves a personal travel curator from the moment you check availability to checking out.

Seriously though, these guys have thought of it all, from your choice of pillow filling, heated floors and a free shuttle service in and out of central queenstown you will be in complete luxury in any of their 5 star, 60 hotel suites.

The Rees Hotel have also dedicated themselves to being as environmentally friendly as possible by incorporating sustainable practices like no single use plastics, eco-friendly pencils, ethical waste disposal and a herb garden on site.

You can check out the full list of practices here.

Best budget accommodation in Queenstown

One of the best things to do in queenstown is to go on a self-drive of the country and always have your bed with you.

Self contained vans are super popular in Aotearoa and a fantastic way to see all the best queenstown tourist attractions because you have everything you need with you.

If your van has a 240 volt socket and can be recharged then staying at Driftaway, one of the newest addition to caravan parks in central queenstown is a must!

Driftaway is a super modern, well-kitted out caravan park that allows for both powered and unpowered sites, as well as lodges and rooms with beautiful views over wakatipu lake and the Remarkables.

Only a short 5 minute drive into town, it’s ideally located between the city centre and the main shopping centre in Frankton.

Honestly this place was our favorite place to stay and recharge our car battery as well as our own. with a massive and well thought out kitchen complete with electric stove tops, appliances and kitchenware.

You have 24 hour use of the showers, change rooms and bathrooms on site, as well as the outdoor BBQ facilities complete with a family friendly playground, hot pools, table tennis table and jumping castle!

It sits on the waters edge that even has a short pier with beautiful sunset views of the lake.

A stay at driftaway could very well end up being one of the most fun things to do in queenstown.

Best car rentals

Aotearoa is such a unique country that offers so many varying landscapes all interconnected by beautiful roads and country side.

The best way to really see the country is, at least in our opinion to hire a van and take it on the road.

You can start off cheap and go with the famous Jucy rentals, or grab a discount from our friends at Spaceship rentals.

Taking into consideration the fact that your bed, toilet, shower and transport are included into the cost of a van, and you can take it basically anywhere? We think self drives are an incredible opportunity and a unique way to see Aotearoa.

For 2 weeks on the road our van cost around about $2500 nzd including insurance, which worked out to be roughy $184 per day for two people.

A hard to beat price when you consider the cost of a room + a car hire!

DISCLAIMER: There are affiliate links sprinkled throughout this article, which means when you choose to purchase a tour, accommodation or product from out site we receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps us continue to provide you with free awesome content to help you better plan your visit to these area. 


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