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Chile was our first stop on our South America part of the trip. We flew into Santiago De Chile at the beginning of February and travelled South from here to Patagonia and then made our way on to our next country. Chile was a beautiful country with so much to offer, from the Andean mountain ranges, gorgeous coastline to the West and all the way to the freezing cold Patagonian region. We made some incredible friends in the first month, thank you Chile!
Although not technically a country, Patagonia was Chris’ Bucket-list destination for a long time, and the he was not disappointed..Torres Del Paine national park should be on everyones bucket list, a gruelling 9 hour hike to the base of the lake takes your breath away, but the views waiting for you at the end will take your breath away even more!
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One of the few glaciers in the world that is still growing, this beautiful glacier blew our minds away with just how big it is. We didn’t really know this place existed before coming to Patagonia but we would not come back here without seeing the Perito Moreno Glacier


The rhythm of Buenos Aires is super infectious and still one of our most fun nights on this trip was running into a dance/percussion group in the streets of San Telmo banging drums and dancing their hearts out, we’ll ever forget that!
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No passports didn’t stop us from crossing the Argentine border to get here. One of the 8 natural wonders of the world the Iguassu waterfalls make up the largest waterfall system in the world. Pictures will never do this place justice, but also the park is huge and Laura and I spent an entire day walking around the boardwalks to get to the next best viewpoint. Also, the waterfalls share the border of Brazil and Argentina so you have one waterfall, two countries 🙂


Before you attempt any hike or climb at altitude, you have to make sure your acclimatised for the elevation. So our first week in Peru was spent getting ready for the 5 day hike to Macchu Picchu we were about to do, but first we thought we’d hang around for a week or so exploring old town Cusco. We had so much fun being here, such a remarkable city that has so many hidden laneways and streets to explore, we could have spent 2 weeks here!


By far, up until the 6 month point Ecuador became our favourite country, surprisingly! Nobody ever told us just how beautiful Ecuador was, the people, the food, surf, sun, did we mention food? From staying in a bamboo tree house 3 stories high to surfing with the sunset (this picture was taken from that very sunset surfing!)


With its rich and colourful history, crazy biodiversity and beautiful natural landscapes, Colombia has deserved a reputation to be a power house of South America. Don’t listen to the media hype about this beautiful countries history, it’s not worth it 🙂


This beautiful set of islands world famous marked our half way point of our trip, and they were initially meant to be the place of a family reunion; however Laura and I decided we’d get there a week early and do some exploring of our own.

Yes..this is our future home..and this is Hawaii


We were a little cautious about visiting Mexico for obvious reasons the media and everyone portray..but fear not! This very quickly became one of our most favourite countries! From the incredible food scene of Oaxaca, to the breathtaking underwater cenotes of the Yucatan Peninsula


With only 4 days to explore the Big Apple, we crammed EVERYTHNG into our time here! Want to see skyscraper views of NYC timeline? Try delicious Vegan food at a 1950’s diner in Brooklyn, or chill out in Central Park to a guy playing saxaphone. Oh, and a surprise visit from one of our favourite humans!
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This tiny European country, as far as West can go in Europe, holds so much rich history and culture, one month is definitely not enough time to explore this country! The worlds largest wave was recorded off the coast of Nazare here in Portugal in the winter time, but rest assured you wont find us in that surf!
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Italy..what can we say?! You’re expensive, but you’re oh so beautiful..Ciao
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We had been so excited to come to Thailand, mainly because Chris does a lot of SCUBA and was very keen to get into the water, however we weren’t expecting to be mobbed by these fury guys
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Our final stop after 9.5 months of our journey landed us here in the colourful town of Hoi An, Vietnam! We had so much planned for this leg of the trip, however unfortunately Laura became quite unwell half way through and we ultimately had to cancel the rest of our plans but rest assured, we will be back to this gorgeous gem of a country.


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