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As a couple who love traveling the world taking photographs, making memories and getting lost – we need to rely on quality clothes that will stand the test of travel. This Zorali review dives deep into the brand and how this Torquay couple are paving the way forward. 

We need our clothes and gear to be wear resistant, waterproof and not afraid of getting dirty. 

However as the state of the planet’s climate crisis continues, more and more brands are making the change to sustainable practices and manufacturing that actually improves our global stance. 

Zorali review
Hiking in Canada's southern Alberta with Zorali

For others like Zorali, this concept was their driving motivation behind creating a sustainable Australian brand and, like Chris and Laura Travels, their love for the outdoors and immersing yourself in nature was sown into the very fabric of their outdoor gear.

It’s not uncommon to find us neck deep in snow, waiting it out in the rain for the perfect shot, or hiking in the remote wilderness in the hot sun, and for all those needs we put our trust in Zorali.

We often travel very light and only bring the essentials so having the bare minimum gear on board, knowing that each piece of gear is of high quality, ethically made and very stylish is a bonus.

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Crypt Lake Trail - Zorli cosy fleece was perfect for this

Who are Zorali?



Born on the surf coast of Victoria, Australia, Came and Elise’s love for nature and getting outside inspired them to create a line of clothing that enabled everyday people to explore outdoors.

Zorali’s motto – ‘The journey calls’, is a call to living. 

Cam and Elise’s dedication to create essential outdoor equipment is what separates them from the crowd and what attracts us to be a part of that legacy.

The people-centric focus and community vibe you feel from wearing a piece of Zorali clothing speaks volume to the mission and ethos  of the brand.

Oh, and every purchase you make they plant 10 trees for you

Cozy camp fleece in Green

People, Planet, Product

The three pillars that Zorali center themselves on are the three P’s that shape their path to continue to provide high quality, sustainably sourced products that are both good for the planet and feel good to wear.

We love the fact that we know the faces behind the brand, it lets you feel more connected to what you’re wearing and means you can step outside knowing the message and story of a brand, but also in the knowledge that your money supports both local businesses who give back to the Earth.

As it stands Zorali have planted just shy of 800,000 trees in nature. 

Having partnered with Eden, their projects have taken them to a village north of Nairobi’s capital city where  reforestation efforts are underway to regenerate the land from the effects of charcoal harvesting.

As important as it is to us that we support local by buying local, the people of Nairobi are engaged and employed to plant trees and help with the reforestation efforts of Kijabe. 

Every purchase we make as consumers and part-time travelers centers on the idea that it was made ethically and sustainably using recycled materials and we’ve been lucky enough to find that in Zorali. 

We currently own the Zorali Anorak rain jacket which is made from an eco-friendly ripstop blend that is comprised of recycled plastics and scrap materials and feel so good to use as well as being, easy to store and pack away and look amazing.

Anorak rain jacket

Zorali ambassador program

Whilst we have used gear from other brands over the years that have helped us in our travels all over the globe we’re now excited to be a part of the Zorali ambassador program known as the ‘Ramblers’.

The goal of the Ramblers is to encourage, inspire and challenge one another to get outside.

Being a part of this program means we get the awesome privilege of hanging out with other like minded outdoor enthusiasts. 

Cam and Elise organize local meet ups every now and then where both the Rambler community and Zorali-ans catch up for a hike and coffee out local in the Victorian countryside. 

Zorali review

The gear we use around the world

Whilst the list is always growing we’ve taken our Zorali outdoor clothing halfway around the world with us for months on end and not surprisingly it’s held up great.

We’re not gentle with our gear so we rely on hardy, easy to clean and wear gear.

Most recently we hiked our way around New Zealand’s south island for a few weeks exploring Fiordlands national park, the hills of central Otago and downtown Queenstown.

I got caught in the rain on a number of occasions wearing my Anorak rain jacket and stayed completely dry underneath. 

The rip stop membrane and waterproof YKK zippers meant we didn’t have to turn around and hide in the car until the rain subsided, instead braving our way through and embracing the rain.

We’ve always struggled to find a backpack that looked stylish and practical at the same time, so having our Zorali escapade backpack with us meant we could pack everything we needed for the day, including a 13 inch laptop and still be comfortable like the one below. 

Zorali review

Can you hike with Zorali?


Our recent travels to New Zealand and Canada meant we did A LOT of hiking in both cooler, snowy climates of New Zealand and the warm, 30 degree Canadian summer days on the Crypt lake trail.

Owing to the fact that Zorali gear is made from a mix of materials such as Hemp fiber, organic cotton and recycled fabrics means we stay both cool and dry for the duration of the hike.

Notwithstanding the fact if you wear a heavy camera bag for the whole hike like I do – you’re going to produce back sweat like a machine, but my hemp and organic cotton t-shirts are super comfortable and extremely versatile. 


Zorali hiking pants. I’ve been wanting a pair of hiking pants for as long as I can remember but have never come across a pair that didn’t look too dad-like, enormous or an ugly color. 

I own the recycled Venture pants in an ocean blue and have found my new favorite pair of hiking pants. 

Light weight, cool and stay dry pants with the most interesting and useful side pockets on any hiking pants I’ve ever seen and made from 100% recycled Nylon. 

The best part is that they pass as both fantastic hiking pants and everyday pants that keep you cool and dry.  

Here’s a list of everything we currently have 

  • Anorak light rain jacket
  • Cozy camp fleece
  • Everyday hemp socks
  • Zenith organic cord cap
  • Merino wool beanie
  • Escapade backpack
  • Hemp logo tees
  • Recycled venture pants
Zorali organic cotton t-shirt with Chris and Laura Travels

Final thoughts on Zorali

So far our journey with Zorali abroad has been a lot of fun. We’ve managed to find a brand that keeps us warm and cozy that we almost wear their gear everyday. And that’s kind of the point.

Zorali have established themselves as a brand for everyone, everywhere. Whether you’re hiking in the mountains or taking a stroll down the road, you’re well kitted up to take them almost everywhere you want. 

If you’re going to spend your money on clothes, why not choose to spend it on a local Aussie brand that goes above and beyond in helping our fragile environment regenerate? 

te anau to milford sound
Laura wearing her cozy camp fleece in clay colour


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